Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Advocating for Social Justice from the Global South to the Global North

The Social Democratic Party of Switzerland (SP/PS) which was founded in 1888 has been one of the strongest, if not the strongest party in the Swiss Parliament and in many cantonal parliaments for over a hundred years. Since 1960 it is also one of the four ruling parties that make up the federal executive, the Swiss Federal Council. As Wikipedia says, "The SP is the largest pro-European party in Switzerland and supports Swiss membership of the European Union, unlike most other Swiss parties. Additionally, it is strongly opposed to capitalism and maintains a long-term goal of "overcoming capitalism." This is informed by its strong social justice agenda, which is reflected also in its German motto "For All, not just for the Few". 

It is a great honour to be called by a political party of such high standing to be a candidate for the 2019 National Council (Swiss federal parliament) election. I have been called as an international candidate, one who is residing abroad but has the right to vote in Switzerland, to stand on the party list of the SP/PS. Given that the National Council election takes as 'wards' or 'constituencies' the cantons, I am a candidate for the National Council in the State of Fribourg (Canton Fribourg). The Canton, is mainly French-speaking and borders on the neighbouring Cantons of Berne, Vaud (with the capital Lausanne) and Canton Neuchatel.

My goal is to have as many Swiss abroad as possible come out to vote (using the e-voting or mail system) and vote in their respective cantons for the SP/PS. The SP/PS is the only party in Switzerland that has a plan for Switzerland in Europe and in the world. It is the party that instituted the social welfare state that even as Swiss abroad (and all who ever lived and worked in Switzerland) have access to. It is a party that understands how global inequality reproduces itself in local, and the local in the global, with all the repercussions this has for global insecurity, inequality and poverty, climate degradation and conspicuous consumption. The full election manifesto for 2019 of the international arm of SP/PS can be found here