Friday, 13 October 2017

Online / Blended Learning Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education Management - from University of Stellenbosch

The University of Stellenbosch Business School is offering a post graduate diploma in Business Admin and Management (PG Dip BMA HEM) which has the Specialization in Higher Education Management: enrollments are now open for 2018.

This post graduate diploma is the academic degree in the professionalization of the various functions that support HE in South Africa. Our modules focus on:

Higher Education Perspectives, Governance and Policy Frameworks, Human Development and Learning Theories, Diversity and Equity, Internationalization, Change Management and Transformation.

I will be lecturing the introductory "Higher Education Perspectives" course. :)

The qualification is relevant for colleagues in Student Affairs, International Offices, Registrars, Administration, Marketing and Alumni, Social Responsibility and Impact, Transformation and Institutional Research and Planning. It is also essential for anyone who seeks to make a career in supporting HE and student and institutional success.

 We invite colleagues from the DHET, from the private sector as well as NGOs and Social Responsibility Foundation and we hope that we have a wonderfully vibrant and diverse group of students who make up our first cohort in 2018.

The PG Dip HEM is one year, offered in blended learning (can be done while you work), and you will be part of a small group of students who get supported by a dynamic set of experts who are specifically chosen to teach the modules.

Basically: every Tuesday from 4-8pm either online or if in Stellenbosch at the centre.
plus two teaching blocs of 1 week each - one in the first semester, one in the second.

For any information, you can either contact the USB directly for all the information (see link), or  email the convenor Dr Birgit Schreiber.

Now this PG Dip is really interesting - but it is different from the PG Dip in Education (Higher Education) that I have been doing at the University of Free State, which is targeted more towards academics, teaching and learning managers, and all those who are less interested in the 'management' side and more interested in the teaching and learning side of higher education.