Friday, 27 March 2020

Innovation policy at the intersection - A global round-up

I'm so happy to announce that Dr Cele from the National Advisory Council on Innovation (NACI) and my colleague Angelina and I from the HSRC published this edited collection of research from all over the world about the latest on science, technology and innovation (STI) policy-making: theories, approaches, structures, instruments and advisory bodies.

Here is the write up/blurp: Worldwide, countries have to respond to local and global socio-technological shifts and needs, specifically the transformations wrought by a rapidly shifting understanding of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Science, technology and innovation policy (STI) finds itself at the intersection of these local and global challenges. Innovation Policy at the Intersection: Global Debates and Local Experiences shows that a comprehensive rethink in STI policy-making is required – one that takes a systemic view of the varied challenges, and adopts an inclusive and holistic approach to STI policy. Such a rethink has to bring together the global and local, the theoretical and practical.

The chapters in this book follow three broad concerns: (1) The theories and approaches that have historically informed science, technology and innovation policy-making, along with the most influential current approaches in different country contexts; (2) The development and application of comprehensive STI monitoring and evaluation systems as developed and implemented by various public agencies; and (3) The role and function of STI policy advisory bodies within their respective contexts.

Innovation Policy at the Intersection provides a comparative lens of different theories and practices across a unique spectrum of national contexts, including Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Finland, Iran, Mexico, Norway, South Africa, South Korea, and Sweden.

The open access version of the book will be available within 6 months from the HSRC Press and my open access sites. Early bird versions of the e-book can be requested from me

Just published: Innovation policy at the intersection: Global debates and local experiences
Edited by Mlungisi BG Cele, Thierry M Luescher, Angela Wilson Fadiji